Cambli has deployed all its know-how and 50 years of manufacturing experience to design the most efficient and economical armored vehicle in the industry. The BlackWolf was born from the ingenuity of our designers to meet tactical response teams’ crying need for a vehicle that combines robustness and maneuverability.

Our innovation capabilities have allowed us to design a vehicle that is lighter than its comparables, easier to maneuver and less expensive to operate. We have achieved this without compromising on quality or the safety of your teams. Regardless of your type of intervention, the BlackWolf is the most versatile and powerful tactical vehicle on the market.

Cambli was able to successfully design, integrate, manufacture and deliver our armored truck, ensuring timely fielding to assist in saving the lives of soldiers deployed abroad. The team’s ability to adapt quickly and provide support was on a par with the finest companies I have ever worked with.

Senior Director of Security and Infrastructure

I was consistently impressed with the professionalism Cambli exemplified in delivering solutions within our budget and time constraints. You made my job easier.

National Security Director


All vehicle manufacturers are currently facing supply difficulties.

In this context, Cambli quickly contacted its parts suppliers to secure a competitive but limited inventory of truck chassis. Our privileged relationships have been strategically leveraged to offer you a rare inventory of defense vehicles:

Act on a short-lived opportunity

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BlackWolf in inventory ready for delivery

Types of BlackWolf interventions

Opt for an agile mission vehicle for a wide range of tactical operations:

Police interventions in urban areas

Lighter and offering better visibility than most armored patrol trucks, the BlackWolf is easy to maneuver on operations such as police roadblocks and riot control.

Tactical and military operations

With its multimission profile and robustness, the BlackWolf is the ideal defender vehicle for peacekeeping, troop transport, and protection of territories and borders.

Hostage taking

Hostage taking requires an agile, high-performance intervention vehicle. A versatile armored truck like the BlackWolf is perfect for proximity operations.

Protection of nuclear power plants

Nuclear energy requires protection by competent and qualified personnel, equipped with a tactical vehicle equal to the challenges of their work. The powerful, agile BlackWolf offers all the features and options that power plants need to ensure the highest safety standards in their industry.

Protection of dignitaries

Some dignitary protection missions entail significant defense challenges. For high-risk nationals, it is best to rely on a vehicle that is armored but light enough to be maneuverable. The BlackWolf is the only swat truck that meets both of these needs effectively.

Private security

The BlackWolf is suitable for private security agencies that want to ensure the safety of their agents at major public and private events. It is the ideal security truck for crowd control.


Best payload in its class


Innovative design for unparalleled agility and visibility


Less expensive to purchase with low operating and maintenance costs


Impressive braking performance and top speed


Custom design thanks to a wide range of options


Unmatched after-sales service, including training, maintenance, repairs, and parts sales worldwide

Take advantage of our limited BlackWolf armored truck inventory today.

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