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Globalization and international trade are conducive to strategic partnerships between companies that want to engage in research, development and innovation, and conquer new international markets.

In 2014, the Canadian federal government updated its procurement strategy to improve its defense industrial and technological base (DITB). This action led to the Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy, which requires companies that are awarded defense procurement contracts to undertake in business activity in Canada. The activity must create long-term economic benefits, equal to or greater than the value of the contracts they have won.

As the North American leader in the armored vehicle industry, Cambli is your ideal Canadian partner for any major defense vehicle manufacturing project.


We are inventing new ways of meeting the needs of the defense sector by designing intelligent and durable armored vehicles.

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Here is Cambli’s added value under the ITB Policy

All value propositions are evaluated by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) according to five criteria. Cambli Group meets all the ISED requirements:

Work in the Canadian defense industry

Not only is Cambli the North American leader in the cash-in-transit vehicle industry, but it is also a major manufacturer of tactical vehicles. Over the past 60 years, we have developed a solid expertise in the manufacture of armor materials.

Canadian supplier development

We qualify as a Canadian SME, as do most of our suppliers. Partnerships with SMEs generally favor the overall Canadian content ratio of bidding companies.

Research and development

Our innovation committee composed of passionate engineers reinvents ways of meeting public, civil and private security needs by designing intelligent and durable vehicles.


We have a global presence, from North America to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our business strategy promotes the export potential of products developed for defense contracts projects.

Skills development and training

We work closely with regional SMEs, which simplifies the transfer of specific skills and promotes the development of various Canadian suppliers.

To learn more about the ITB Policy and its value propositions:

You can consult the major government projects under way and identify market opportunities in partnership with Cambli Group:*

* The ITB Policy applies to all defence and Canadian Coast Guard procurements that are valued at more than $100 million and are not subject to international trade agreements or for which the national security exception is invoked.

The ITB Policy in two minutes

WeConnect International

Cambli leads the way

We are certified Women Owned by WeConnect.

"I’m very proud to tell our prospective partners that Cambli recently received WeConnect certification.

WeConnect International identifies, educates, and certifies businesses that are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by women. lts members, which represent in excess of US$1 trillion in annual purchasing power in more than 115 countries, are learning, collaborating, and winning new business.

At Cambli, we’re proud to contribute to a global supply chain that is inclusive and diversified.”


Combine your expertise With that of the North American armored vehicle industry leader.

The strength of our Company is based on the fact that we live our values on a daily basis, among ourselves and with our suppliers, partners and customers. Our five values are:

  • Performance
  • Creativity
  • Ambition
  • Determination
  • Commitment

Truly living these values sets us apart from the competition. Our other distinctive advantages are:

  • A strong network of more than 900 suppliers and partners
  • A team of more than 30 engineers who develop customized products and solutions as well as a highly skilled workforce
  • R&D investments and an innovation-oriented culture that allow us to develop one-of-a-kind advanced shielding processes
  • Outstanding customer service and a distinctive after-sales approach
  • A plant covering more than 10,000 square meters and an agile and efficient approach to business
  • Our expertise and reputation for high-quality, durable vehicles
  • Excellent relations with the provincial and federal governments and bilingual capabilities that enable us to integrate easily anywhere in the country

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